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Strength of the Market
a weekly blog on what's happening in Financial Markets

The Strength of the Market is: Strong

With stocks coming off their first negative quarter in two years - mostly due to war and interest rates - investors are assessing a new quarter of stock trading and troublesome recession indicators. Yes, the US economy continues to grow and still looks to be in good shape but high oil prices, weaker-than-expected jobs data and poor manufacturing & construction figures may soon start to slow things down. As investors start their second quarter assessments, stocks squeaked out slight gains for their third straight positive week in a row.

Economic reports from last week came back mixed: •Manufacturing (Dallas) - worse than expectation •Consumer Confidence - better than expectation •Single-Family Home Values - better than expectation •Job Openings - better than expectation •Private Employment - better than expectation •Total Employment - worse than expectation •Jobless Claims - worse than expectation •Construction Spending - worse than expectation This week, investors will look for guidance from economic reports like Vehicle Sales, Consumer Credit and Jobless Claims.


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