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Strength of the Market
a weekly blog on what's happening in Financial Markets

The Strength of the Market is: Strong

Vaccine Optimism brings additional strength to an already strong stock market. Investors are, also, excited as the President-elect, Joe Biden, begins announcing his first administration nominees, including former Federal Reserve Chairperson, Janet Yellen, as Treasury secretary - who oversaw an economic expansion between 2014 and 2018. The economy continues to show progress. Last week:

•Housing - better than expected

•Retail Sales - in line with expectation

•Jobless Claims - slightly worse than expectation

In a holiday shortened week, financial markets will be watching reports on National Activity, Consumer Confidence & Sentiment, Jobless Claims and New Home Sales.

Stocks keep going up and our price-trends & momentum research continues to show a fully strong signal for global stock markets.


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