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Climate First Portfolios

Seeking Growth with Positive Impact

Responsible investing is an investment approach that seeks to deliver strong returns and risk management while making a positive impact.
Historically, companies with higher ESG ratings may have been more successful at avoiding or minimizing events that can negatively impact performance. Our portfolios seek to provide both opportunity for growth and the promotion of positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes. Your portfolio will:

Low Carbon Emissions/Intensity

Fossil Fuel Reserves

Weapons & Firearms

Highest Sustainability Ratings

Future Carbon Emissions Review

Alcohol, Tobacco & Gambling

Potential Annualized Returns

Average Annual Total Returns
As of: July 31, 2021

YTD: 5.19%

YTD: 8.18%

YTD: 11.12%

YTD: 14.08%

YTD: 2.25%

Potential Annualized Risk

The values and performance numbers represented on this webpage do not reflect management fees. The values used on this webpage were obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Performance numbers were calculated by Nuveen using the data provided.

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