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Hygge Advisors is a Registered Investment Adviser located in St. Petersburg, Florida and may only transact business in those states in which it is registered, or qualifies for an exemption or exclusion from registration requirements


What is HYGGE?
- Pronounced: 
The original word in Norwegian means well-being. However, hygge might originate from the word hug.  Hug comes from the word hugge, which means "to embrace."  The word hugge is of unknown origin but might originate from the Old Norwegian word hygga, which means "to comfort," which comes from the word hugr, meaning "mood."  In turn, that word comes from the Germanic word hugjan, which relates to the Old English word hycgan, meaning "to think, consider."

HYGGE loosely translates to a sense of comfort, togetherness and well-being. In short, HYGGE is the PURSUIT OF EVERDAY HAPPINESS!


Pursue your everyday happiness through our Seven Pillars of Investor Happiness


1. Wealth Management

Wealth Accumulation for Retirement or other Long or Short-Term Goals

2. Risk Management

Invest with protection against stock market losses or be paid guaranteed income, even if the market goes down

3. Tax Management

Invest with tax-efficiency or even reduce your tax liabilities

4. Cash Management

Earn more interest than the average bank account or get access to a low interest loan using your investments as collateral

5. Estate Planning

Be prepared for the uncertainties of life with a Will, Trust, Health & Financial Power of Attorney and a Healthcare Authorization

6. Philanthropy

Charitable Giving to improve the lives of others, create a legacy and gain tax benefits

7. Access to a dedicated Investment Advisor to assist you with all your financial need.



Rory Carney, AIF®, BFA™

Investment Advisor Representative 

Accredited Investment Fiduciary®

phone: 727-344-9160



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